For Pinterest users, Pinterest is one of the best places to get ideas and inspiration for any endeavor they are involved with.

If you are into restoring a vintage automobile, there are tons of pins that will steer your restoration project towards building the car of your dreams. Into succulent plants? Pinterest has lots of boards and pins that will advance your cactus growing to the next level.

Pinterest does exactly that – take your already cool pastime to heights you never knew you wanted.

For the Pinterest Business Account owner, though, Pinterest is a very reliable platform to drive traffic to their business’s main site or social media platform.

Products can be showcased on Pinterest boards and pins to attract Pinterest users to click through and purchase them. Conversion rates with online shopping carts through Pinterest show that up to 8.5% of visitors to Pinterest purchase products.

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Boards and Pins on the Pinterest Platform

This success is third only behind Bing with 12.7% and Google with 13.2%. A big reason for this conversion is Pinterest’s native features of boards and pins.

Pins on boards make using Pinterest such a breeze. They organize everything you want to see in eye-catching pages that keep you on the platform for long periods. No wonder Pinterest users say being on Pinterest is so addictive.

With the availability of Pinterest sections, creators and businesses can now segment Pinterest boards into sections that make a board easier to explore for Pinterest users.

Learn how to add sections on Pinterest boards that are already on your Pinterest and discover another facet of your Pinterest growth.

The Importance of Organizing Pinterest Boards into Sections

Each board on Your Pinterest is more or less a general category about a certain interest. For example, a Pinterest board dedicated to shoes can be sub-categorized into shoes’ styles, brands, or purposes.  

You can do the same thing to a board assigned to motorcycles. Section your motorcycle board into types, brands, parts, or riding accessories. By sectioning your board, you organize it for a better browsing experience for you and other Pinterest users viewing your Pinterest.

Make sections on Pinterest boards and reap these rewards:

1.  Ease of browsing through pins

As mentioned, everyone will have an easier time using Pinterest when boards are organized in sections. Visitors will not feel bombarded by everything displayed on a board and will be more likely to stay and browse pins.

2.  Chance to showcase everything on each board

Each pin gets its time to shine because sections encourage visitors to check out each manageable section one after the other. A whole dump of pins will most likely be skipped for another organized board that is compartmentalized. 

3.  More exposure for pins, more click-throughs, and conversion rates

Business accounts on Pinterest are most interested in converting visitors into buying customers. If viewers easily find what they want on your sectioned Pinterest board, then they are most likely to click through to your website to purchase your featured products.

How to Delete Pinterest Boards

Now that you know how rewarding sectioning Pinterest boards can be, then you will most likely want to section your Pinterest boards from here on out.

If all your boards are yet to be sectioned, you can reorganize them and add sections manually. If you think doing so might take up too much time, it might be better to delete Pinterest boards and redo them instead.

         Here is a step-by-step guide to deleting Pinterest boards:

1.  Log in to your Pinterest account.

2.  Click on the board you want to delete.

3.  Click on the … menu beside the board name.

4.  Click ‘Edit board.’

5.  Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Delete board.’

6.  Confirm by clicking ‘Delete forever.’

Note that you cannot recover deleted boards on Pinterest. If you delete a Pinterest board, make sure that you have backup files to the pins on these boards. 

How to Crete Sections on Pinterest Boards

This section tackles the meat of the matter by teaching you how to create sections on your Pinterest boards.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create sections on Pinterest:

1.  Log in to Pinterest.

2.  Click on the board you want to organize into sections.

3.  Click on the ‘Organize’ button below the board name.

4.  Click ‘Add section.’

5.  Name the section.

6.  Click back and add pins to the newly created section.

In Conclusion

Pinterest boards are now concise and easier to use with the presence of sections. Be sure to take advantage of this free, native feature to reap benefits and have an easier Pinterest experience whether you are a normal user or a Pinterest Business account owner.

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