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Pinterest is the most popular social media network for visual content. The millions of beautiful images you see each time you visit the platform are just a small part of why people are obsessed with it. If you’re looking to start or grow your existing business, Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool. Even though most people think they should focus on Instagram or Facebook, the best social media marketers know that this platform is the next big thing. So, our latest blog post is here to get you started and help you learn how to promote on Pinterest.

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What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Regardless of the type of content you post on Pinterest, you need a great social media strategy if you want to monetize your work. Without Pinterest Marketing, you can only dream about boosting your follower count, so these tactics and strategies are important in building an online business. In other words, Pinterest Marketing will help you reach the audience you want to target, grow your engagement rates, and present your products/services online. 

One of the first things you should do is start using Pinterest for Business. You can start a new business profile or add one to your personal profile. Aside from creating exciting, relevant content, you should focus on learning all about online marketing, ad types, and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Why Advertise On Pinterest?

Business accounts on Pinterest enjoy many benefits that you might not even know about. So if you’re looking to amp up your marketing efforts and grow your numbers, here are the reasons why you should consider advertising on this platform:

  • Access to analytics: Pinterest is one of the social media channels that let you use your previous Pins analytics to improve your strategy. 
  • Pins last a long time: Pins can come back to life at any time in the future and bring you new followers when you least expect it. For example, Instagram posts don’t have a long lifespan because they only appear right when you post them. But, on the other hand, Pins can be on-trend again a long time after you’ve published them. 
  • Cross-promotion: Many Pinterest users use the platform and its benefits for referral traffic and cross-promotion over various social media sites. For example, using the Pin It button can drive traffic to your online store or website. 
  • High conversions: Pinterest shows high conversion rates with many successful sales. 

Pinterest Advertising Cost

How much should you expect to pay if you want to build a successful campaign on this social network? If you want to make money on Pinterest, you first have to invest, and the great news is that it won’t cost you a lot. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to determine an exact cost because you’re the one who creates the campaign, sets the goals, etc. Thankfully, Pinterest will help you determine what’s suitable for your business and how to achieve the best for your budget. 

Pinterest Ad Types

What types of content will help you get to your audience on Pinterest? Aside from the good, old, and effective Promoted Pins, you can also use video Pins, app Pins, and carousels. All these ad types have the same purpose- to make your business content more visible. 

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are an excellent way to get the word out there! In other words, these are the Pins you’ve posted, but you’ve decided that you want them to reach a broader audience. So these Pins feature a Promoted tag next to them, but when other users share them, the tag disappears. 

Pinterest has defined specific guidelines that users should follow when creating Promoted ads (aspect ratio, format, size, description, etc.). For example, the ideal aspect ratio is 2:3, and the file has to be in a JPEG or PNG format. The description has to be up to 500 characters.

Video Pins

Video Pins are also Promoted; the only difference with the previous type is that they use a video instead of an image. One of the most important reasons you should consider this ad type is that it can positively affect your customers’ buying decisions. People are more likely to purchase something when they can see a video of it, so it’s time you give videos a try. Pinterest is a visual search engine, which means that it doesn’t only work with images. 

App Pins

App Pins are only meant for mobile users and will help users download your app. It will appear as an ad on this visual platform so that people interested can tap on the button and get it. 


Each carousel is made of five pictures in a row, and the user can get a much more detailed look into your product or services. What’s different on Pinterest compared to social media platforms is that the images contained in the carousel can all have different descriptions, titles, and links. This means adding specific keywords and optimizing them to your needs and wishes. 

Tips For Promoting Your Content On Pinterest

How to promote your business on Pinterest? Now that you heard all about marketing on this social channel, ad types, and how they work, it’s time to read about the strategies that will help you reach potential buyers. 

Work On Your Marketing Strategy

The first step is to create a strategy and think of all the basics you need to know. Your strategy should be focused on the target audience, with a clear goal and a planned schedule.  

Focus On Your Target Audience

One of the first lessons of promoting on this platform is targeting a specific audience. Study the audience demographics you want to reach, including age, gender, location, interests, and much more. This will be valuable information to include in the campaign because it will help your Pins get to the right people and achieve your business goals. 

Set A Campaign Goal

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? For example, is your goal to sell more, get more website visits, or want people to sign up for your newsletter? Having a clear goal will increase your conversion rates and get your sales up. 

Plan Your Content

Engaging content with pinnable images doesn’t come easily. Instead, you have to focus on creating a detailed content calendar, pin consistently, and do your best to be creative. 

Work On Your Pinterest SEO

Search Engine Optimization is as important on Pinterest as it is on your other social media profiles. This means that you have to do proper keyword targeting, and then add the relevant keywords to the pin description and title. There are various free tools you can use for research, together with Google.

Once you have a list, open Pinterest and type in the keywords in the search bar. You’ll see a list of other keywords pop up, which means that these words are relevant and high-ranking on the platform. 

Use Rich Pins

We wish Rich Pins existed across all social platforms! They’re one of the best Pinterest features ever and will let your future and current followers know more information about your product or services. The types of Rich Pins include articles, recipes, and product Pins. They will also take potential buyers to the site where you sell the goods.

Promote Pins & Profile

As we already mentioned, there are four different types of promotion you can include in your Pin campaign. After you hit that Promote button, you’ll quickly see an increase in your numbers, and that will help you gain Pinterest followers organically. 

Cross-promotion is an important part of growing your audience. Connecting Pinterest with your other social media accounts and sharing the profile on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook can bring you many new followers. In addition, you can add your profile to your website, create a newsletter with a link to it, or make it a part of your email signature. 

Use Boards

Remember that being a part of popular boards is one of the best things you can do for your business. Aside from becoming a member of these boards, you should also interact with other users, leave comments, re-pin their content, etc. Furthermore, you’ll also see what other users do that you’re missing and use their tricks as a part of your strategy. 

Learn From Pinterest Analytics

There’s no better way to know if a campaign is working than following the development from start to finish. The Analytics tool will show you a detailed picture of the key metrics and why your campaign went well, or it didn’t. So, having a free tool showing you how you need to structure your next moves is definitely a valuable asset. 


Although undervalued, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for online advertising. Users are starting to realize this platform’s selling potential and determine the best marketing strategies. Aside from using Promoted Pins, you should also improve your SEO efforts, select an audience to target, choose a campaign goal, plan your content, use rich Pins, Promoted Pins, cross-promotion, boards, and analytics. After reading our latest blog content on how to promote on Pinterest, you’ll be prepared to create a detailed strategy for the win!

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