Pinterest has always been one of the best tools to direct internet traffic to a business’ website or social media platform. Pinterest users scroll through boards and boards to save pins of things they like.

These pins that they like enough are given a further click for these people to visit the pin’s corresponding website. From here, a sale is not too far away.

The Pinterest business account has various useful features for business owners. Pinterest has a reported 431 million active users this 2022 and having a business account gains you access to your niche market among its millions of users.

But, what if for some reason you no longer need to be on a Pinterest business account? The pandemic has been tough on businesses in the last couple of years. If you need a break from business and would want to convert back to being a Pinterest account, this short read is especially for you.

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What Is the Difference Between a Personal and a Business Pinterest Account?

A Pinterest Business account offers a lot more useful features compared to a Pinterest Personal account. Not to say that a Pinterest Personal account has limited features, but a Pinterest Business account has several aspects that are especially useful to people who use Pinterest to promote their business.

Let us discuss these key points that make a Pinterest Personal account different from a Pinterest Business account. The presence of a lot of business features makes up the bulk of the differences between the two kinds of accounts.

A Personal Pinterest account has the basic Home page that contains your feed, and that’s it. A Pinterest Business account offers more:

A Different Home Page

Your Pinterest home page on a Business account has the Standard Home feed plus a Business Hub, the Create Pin, and Analytics. These features make up the main differences of the Business and Personal Page.

 Pinterest Business Hub

This section of the Business account is where you see your monthly viewers to your Pinterest, your number of followers, Your performance in the last 30 days, and other resources you can get business inspiration from.

 Performance Breakdown

This part of the Business Hub shows you how well your pins performed in terms of impressions, saves, and outbound clicks to your business. Data here is shown in periods of 30 days.


This contains links to Pinterest’s compilation of articles about:

  • Analytics
  • Other Pinterest success stories
  • Making ads that truly perform
  • How to create great pins
  • Finding your audience

Pinterest Business Analytics

This tab gives you a detailed overview of how your Pinterest Business account is doing.


The overview contains how much interaction your pins have had according to the device used by your audience, their ages, and gender.

You can see how all your pins have performed, so you would be able to use this data for future strategies regarding how to promote on Pinterest.

 Audience Insights

This tab on your Home page displays a general audience engagement in easily digestible graphs. These insights show the breakdown of your audience’s age, gender, and devices used when visiting your Pinterest Business account.

Why Should You Convert Your Business Account to a Personal One?

Converting back to a Personal Pinterest account is like a downgrade of sorts. But, if you will not be needing the additional business features a business account offers, it is probably wise to convert to a Pinterest Personal account.

Converting from a business account to a personal account on Pinterest could mean the closure of a business. These recent couple of years have not been the easiest years for businesses and if your business has been one of the casualties of economic hardships, you are more than excused to convert back to a Personal Pinterest account.

Although most, if not all, businesses have looked towards the online market for sales and profit, competition may be too stiff on your front of the online world.

Pinterest Personal Account: Much Simpler to Handle

You may not be going out of business, and maybe you just prefer to manage a simpler Pinterest account for your business. Perhaps a Personal account fits your lifestyle or your business’s branding more.

Go ahead and convert back to a Pinterest Personal account if you feel that this account type will be better for you. Just be aware that you lose the data analytics and the ability to profit off of ads on your Pinterest. You can always get help from a Pinterest growth service to further nurture your business, anyway. 

If your pins on your Personal Pinterest account still link out to your website or other social media accounts of your business, then you will still be able to use a Personal Pinterest account to conduct your business.

You will lose some advantages, but if you think that a simpler Pinterest Personal account is your preference, then, by all means, do so.

How to Convert to a Personal Pinterest Account

You have now decided to convert your Pinterest Business account back to a Pinterest Personal account. Converting back to a Pinterest Personal account is as easy as following a few simple steps whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Learn how to convert your business account back to a personal Pinterest account with these easy steps:

How to Convert Back to a Pinterest Personal Account on Desktop

  1. Log in to Pinterest on an internet browser on your PC.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow beside your profile picture.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. On the following page, click on Account Settings.
  5. Scroll down to the Account Changes section.
  6. Under Convert to personal account, click on Convert account.
  7. Confirm the conversion by clicking the Convert account button on the next window.

 How to Convert  Back to a Pinterest Personal Account on Mobile

  1. Log in to your Pinterest mobile app.
  2. Tap the three dots (…) in the upper right corner of your home screen.
  3. Tap Settings on the menu that follows.
  4. Tap on Account Settings on the menu that follows.
  5. Scroll down to the Account changes section.
  6. Tap Convert to personal account.
  7. You now have converted back to a Pinterest Personal account.

Simpler Just Might Be Better for You

A lot of times simpler is just better. If a simpler Pinterest Personal account suits your needs, then that’s probably all you need.

You can give your brand a more personal voice to interact and develop a more intimate relationship with your followers. Or if it’s because of the closure of your beloved business, you get to keep all the fond memories and good times you had.

If down the road you might see that having a Business account might be more advantageous, you can just as easily convert back to a Pinterest Business account. Now that you know how to switch back to personal account, you can choose what type of account to be on.

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