Pinterest is such a great place to get inspiration that TikTokers are turning to the platform for their content.

For years now, TikTok users have been including the Pinterest app in their videos to get funny or awesome content. They browse through the Pinterest home feed or use the platform’s powerful search engine to get results that they will relate to some TikTok challenge.

The resulting videos are sometimes awesome, but most are so silly that they will make the audience laugh out loud. Whatever the results are, people are getting entertained, and content creators are getting lots of views because of these trends.

In this article, we will discuss the biggest Pinterest trend that has taken the social media platform by storm. We’ll also enumerate other trends that you might want to try out for yourself to get more Pinterest followers and maybe some TikTok followers, as well.

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What Is The Pinterest Trend On TikTok?

The Pinterest trend is a bunch of challenges done by TikTokers using the Pinterest app. Users create content for their TikTok by using Pinterest’s search engine and home feed.

The TikTokers record a video of themselves using the Pinterest app and add some text in post-production to give the audience some context about the challenge.

The videos are then uploaded and marked with the hashtag #Pinteresttrend to be easily searchable on TikTok. You can check out the creative videos on TikTok by searching the Pinterest trend hashtag. 

What Is The Most Popular Pinterest Trend?

The most popular Pinterest trend that ever happened on TikTok is the one where the user searches for their online look-alike. Using Pinterest’s built-in visual search engine, TikTokers are searching the platform’s vast image library for their doppelganger.

The reverse-image search feature they are utilizing for this challenge was intended to make product searches easier. You are supposed to take a photo of an object, a jacket for example, and Pinterest will show you pictures of jackets that look similar to your jacket photo. You can click on the results to find where you can purchase it.

When the reverse-image search feature is used to scan the faces of TikTokers, the results are often not the photos that they were hoping for. Some are accurate, but most are hilariously disastrous.

If you check out the videos on TikTok, a lot of users include a caption that aims to dissuade others from doing the challenge. Of course, this just piques the viewer’s interest more to click and watch the whole video.

The trend is so effective that whatever the outcome of the Pinterest search result is, the videos are bound to entertain viewers.

Now that you know how powerful doing Pinterest trend challenges are, why not do it yourself? Let’s dive into the process for you to learn how to do the Pinterest trend. You might just be the next viral video on the internet. 

How to do the Pinterest trend

These are the basic steps that people do to complete their Pinterest trend vid eos. It is very easy compared to other trends. You can even try it out as you read along with the instructions.

The important step here is that you record what’s happening on your phone screen (with the built-in screen capture or third-party app) as you are doing these steps.

  1. Start capturing activity on your phone’s screen.
  2. Tap open the Pinterest mobile app.
  3. Tap the camera icon in the search box at the top of the screen.
  4. Snap a photo of your face or upload a picture of yourself. A live snapshot is better for content.
  5. Once the photo is taken or uploaded, an image search on Pinterest automatically ensues.
  6. The results will appear under ‘More like this.’ Scroll through the images by swiping up. The photos show what the Pinterest algorithm thinks you look like. 

4 Popular Pinterest Trends

1. ‘Heather’ challenge (#iwishiwereheather)

TikTok users are staying completely still and pretending to be a photo on the Pinterest feed. Viewers have to guess which person in the photo tiles is the real TikToker.

The big reveal happens when the background song reaches the chorus part and the TikToker sings along.

This is effective if you are good at staying motionless for a long time.

2. Guess my name / Name+core (#namecore)

Enter your name +core in the Pinterest search box. The key word search will give you results that are related to your name.

Show the images that pop up in the results in your TikTok video. Then let users guess your name based on the photos.

This works if your username on TikTok doesn’t contain your real name. It’s also a great way to get a lot of interaction/comments from your viewers.

3. Pinterest describes your aesthetics (#aesthetictrend)

In this challenge, you only need to show the immediate Pins on your feed when you open Pinterest.

The first 10 pictures that appear on the home feed are your aesthetics. These photos supposedly describe your tastes and personality. The photos will usually be correct since they are based on your activity.

4. Recreating looks: Pinterest edition (#recreatingpinterestoutfits)

Select a Pinterest outfit image that you would like to recreate. With just the clothes in your wardrobe, you try to imitate the look in the photo. You show the inspiration photo and then reveal your recreation.

This works great for people who are into fashion. Also, people around the world are crazy about OOTD which will never be out of trend. 


Pinterest’s search engine is very useful in providing inspiration and suggesting aesthetics based on your previous activity (Pin clicks, searches, Likes, etc.) on the site.

But nothing is perfect. Especially something that is only run by AI and powered by audience analytics.

However, this imperfection was turned into something useful. It became a source of interesting content for the young creative content creators on TikTok. This resourcefulness is a key skill to constantly producing great content for your audience.

May this inspire you to generate quality content that will help grow your brand organically on any social network. 

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