Pinterest is a go-to for anyone looking for ideas and inspiration for the work they are doing. With the right business strategy, a complete vision, and maybe a little help from the right Pinterest growth service, your brand has a great chance of prospering through Pinterest.

But what happens when Pinterest is down? How do you fix things so that you can get back to completing your work and changing the world?

As with most things in cyberspace, Pinterest may be susceptible to crashes, the app is down, and isolated days of being unresponsive.

So, why is Pinterest not working, you ask? Sometimes it is just part of the deal. Apps crash and are down every now and then and if you wait for a while, things will be up and running again – unless the problem lies on your end of the situation. You may have a bad gadget, out-of-date app versions, or unresponsive internet.

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Why is Pinterest not working on Chrome?

As just mentioned, Pinterest may just be temporarily down and not running. In these situations, it is best to just wait it out until Pinterest works again. If you are sure that your Chrome web browser is up-to-date, your internet is running at full capacity and your PC has lots of storage space and is not malfunctioning, then Pinterest will be back.

But if you are not sure about your internet integrity or your computer’s reliability, it would be worth it to troubleshoot and rule out problems to make sure that you are not causing Pinterest to not work properly.

There are 3 components that you can check on to make sure you are not the causing Pinterest to not work properly:

  • Your PC – Make sure you have enough free space to enable your PC to run smoothly. Update your video drivers, free up space on your hard disk and keep your machine free of viruses. Pinterest not working might just be a symptom of bigger PC problems. 
  • Your Chrome browser – Your Google Chrome browser might be outdated and might be causing issues so that Pinterest does not work. Update your Google Chrome browser once in a while, or set it to automatically update itself in the background when your PC is turned on. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, disable extensions and reset your Goggle Chrome’s settings. 
  • Your Internet – You might be crying over Pinterest not working when it is your internet causing problems. Pay your ISP bills on time to not get disconnected. Make sure the neighbors are not freeloading off of your bandwidth. Or check and call your internet service provider if their system is down. 

If you have your PC, Chrome browser, and internet all in working order, why Pinterest isn’t working, might just be caused by Pinterest themselves.

Why Does Pinterest Keep Crashing on Your Android Phone?

This rarely happens, but the Pinterest app sometimes experiences problems that make it crash when using the app on an Android device.

When this happens, though, there are several things that you can check on to make sure that you get Pinterest up and running again. Here are some things that you have to tinker with:

  • Internet connection – Is your phone connected to a stable Wi-Fi or data connection? 
  • Pinterest Cache – All apps build up cache data to have faster load times. But each update leaves behind a trash cache that bogs downloading speeds instead of helping speed them up. Make sure to regularly clear your Pinterest cache data in the app settings. 
  • Restart your phone – Have you tried turning it off and on again? Is something you just have to do and tick off every time anything malfunctions. This works half of the time. If it doesn’t, you lose nothing. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall Pinterest – Try uninstalling Pinterest and reinstalling it again. It might not work, but if it does, then you save yourself from unwanted stress. 
  • Update the Pinterest App – Maybe Pinterest is malfunctioning due to it being an outdated version. Go to the Google Play Store and see if Pinterest has an update you have not installed yet. Update the app and make sure to set Pinterest to auto-update itself to avoid these types of problems in the future.

Why is Pinterest Not Working on My iPhone?

First off, check if Pinterest itself is down. Maybe you could post a status on your social media platforms asking about Pinterest’s current availability. If everyone else has access to their Pinterest, you could troubleshoot with these pointers:

  • Make sure your iPhone is properly connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection

​​​​​​​Turn off your Wi-Fi connection and turn it back on again to refresh your internet connection. Do the same to your modem and re-access the Pinterest app to see if this works. 

  • Clear the Pinterest app’s cache through your iPhone settings

A full cache bogs down your iPhone’s performance. Clear it and check back with Pinterest. 

  • Try turning your iPhone off and then turning it on again

This simple trick could just work. 

  • Try uninstalling the Pinterest app and reinstalling it again.

A simple troubleshooting step anyone can do just might do the trick. 

  • Update the Pinterest app

An outdated Pinterest app will simply not work. Set Pinterest to auto-update.

Tips to Fix Pinterest Whenever it Stops Working

Whatever device you use to access Pinterest, these tips will help you get the app back to work again:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Update Pinterest regularly.
  3. Update your internet browser regularly.
  4. Clear your device’s cache.

In Conclusion

If the problem lies with Pinterest itself, then it is what it is. You will just have to wait it out. Pinterest will be back sooner or later. But if Pinterest isn’t experiencing any downtime, then the tips and tricks we have learned in this article are enough to get you back to pinning again.

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