If you want to know how to use Pinterest for SEO you are in the right place. Although the platform is extremely popular a lot of people are not aware of the full potential it holds and how to use it to promote their content.

This is why we made sure you have all the information in one place and all the details that can help you create the best SEO strategy and fully understand how to use all the tools available.

This way you will not only make a perfect Pinterest profile and get more followers but also send traffic to your website and ultimately increase revenues and sales. So, keep on reading for all the hacks that will make the difference.

What Is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest is imagined to work just like any other search engine and as such decent SEO knowledge is needed if you want to make organic traffic and get more views and followers. While Pinterest does have a search bar and uses different ways to go through the content the SEO part might be a bit different from Google and other engines.

This is why you need to consider not only keywords but also images and other parts of each pin and your boards that will come together and push your piece of content in the right direction. 

In addition, Pinterest has some amazing essential metrics available that allow you to track your progress and adjust your content for the best results. This way you can rely on organic Pinterest growth and focus on the standout content to draw in the viewers.

How Does Pinterest Determine Pin Quality?

Not all Pins are created equal, so Pinterest uses different algorithms to determine if something is worth promoting and if it’s what people are looking for. If your Pin gets a lot of engagement like sharing, pinning, and saving content, Pinterest will consider your content interesting and high-quality.

Optimization of the content is one of the most important steps on visual platforms like Pinterest where people come to look for inspiration and ideas. You need to keep in mind that SEO professionals use so much more than just the right keywords, there is a lot of planning involved when delivering the best visual content.

But, what is the best Pinterest SEO strategy, and how to implement it in your account? Keep on reading for all the tips and tricks.

Pinterest SEO Tips for High-Traffic Success

Once you see Pinterest as a visual search engine, it will become obvious that you need to make some changes to your profile and add fresh content to deliver to your followers what they are looking for.

This might sound easier than it is, but with our detailed guide, you will become the best content creator and someone who understands how Pinterest works. This can save you hours of work and allow you to use the Pinterest growth service in the best way possible.

Once you have the whole setup ready, it will be easy to post content on a regular basis and grow your account effortlessly. So, here are a few Pinterest SEO tips explained in detail:

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is a competitive environment and as a content creator there you need to make sure everything is working for the search engine optimization. This includes your Pinterest profile as the first thing visitors might look at.

Here are a few suggestions you can make to have a better rating on this discovery platform:

Create a Business Account

The first step in your marketing plan needs to be a proper business account on Pinterest. This will only take a few moments to complete, but on the other hand, you will gain more insights about search engine. 

By converting your personal Pinterest account into a business one, you will gain access to the Pinterest Analytics tool and Ads Manager. Both will be more than useful if you want to improve your digital marketing and see how well you are doing.

Own Your Website

Your website should be the main focus of your Pinterest, and it’s good news that content created on official websites has a better click-through rate. Because Pinterest puts in so much effort into reliable information, it’s extremely important that every direct link leads to a proper website.

Optimize Your Bio

Bios are the best place for keyword-rich descriptions, so you need to get creative and make the best use of the limited space. Think of the searchable terms that might lead the reader to your profile and ultimately increase the sales on your links.

Prepare Your Website

SEO practitioners know the value of a high-quality website and its connection to Pinterest. In just a few easy steps, you can verify your website and add your profile picture to all of your Pins. In addition, you need to make sure the website is optimized for search algorithms and that you connect it to Pinterest.

You need to:

  • Add the Pinterest Tag – A small JavaScript code is added to your website that will allow you to segment your audience, generate reports and see your profile’s performance. This is the first step when you want to join your Pinterest account and your website;
  • Add the Save Button – This is again a piece of code added to increase the reach of your influence across all social accounts. With the save button installed, the users can easily save the images from your site and to their boards. 

Create Original Pins

Once you have created the best Pinterest profile, you can move on to making the actual content. This is a major factor for your SEO performance, so follow our suggestions for the best results. 

Conduct Keyword Research

Creating relevant content begins with a good plan and detailed research. You can use various keyword research tools or simply see what people are looking for in the search bar. Once you begin typing in the word, Pinterest will predict the most common searches, just like Google. This can give you a better idea of what your target market is looking for.

Choose the Best Images

The best size for Pinnable image is 1,000px by 1,500px, or a ratio of 2:3. Keep in mind that Pinterest prefers longer images and that quality matters. This is why you need amazing photos for high-quality pins in addition to other important components. 

The visual content on this platform needs to stand out with colors and high contrast to capture the attention of the audience and grow your follower’s list.

Include Text

Popular content on Pinterest includes bold text overlaid over high-quality images. This is the perfect opportunity to play around with different styles and see what your audience loves. Keep in mind that the text needs to represent your brand in the best possible way while also following current trends. 

Make Detailed Descriptions

Pin title and descriptions are one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to Pinterest SEO. This is why you need to use relevant keywords and Pin descriptions that will show your audience what the pin is all about and possibly draw in more people.

Keep in mind that hashtags are still relevant on Pinterest, even though you can’t click on them. Depending on the type of content you are trying to promote, there is always an appropriate hashtag that can be used. Just make sure the words used are well incorporated into your search strategy and don’t overuse the feature.

Use Rich Pins

When you create a Pin directly from your website, it will be considered a “Rich Pin” and as such, it can improve your search ranking. For now, you can make four types of Rich Pins products, articles, apps, or recipes.

Using the ability to create rich Pins and adding popular keywords can be the best way to increase your Pin quality and at the same time optimize your content for better SEO.

Test Out Promoted Pins

User engagement might be different with various content, so you might want to test out the promoted Pins options and see if there is any organic traffic sent your way. Just like any other online marketing plan, you need to be ready to invest your time and money for the best results.

Organize Your Boards

Search engine marketing includes the entire boards you make on your Pinterest profile. This unique feature on Pinterest is so much more than a place to keep your inspirational and DIY Pins. If you use the board sections correctly, it can help your business and the entire Pinterest profile look more professional and put together.

Boards are the first thing visitors will see on your profile, so you need to make sure that they are organized well and that even board cover images are placed in the right way. In addition, board names can play a big role in engagement metrics, considering that the right keywords will make it easier for people to browse your boards.

If you need more ideas and want to follow Pinterest trends make video Pins. This might not be the first thought when you think about Pinterest but the videos are on the rise and they are amazing for your SEO. 

Video Pins are especially promoted on mobile devices so use this opportunity to post quality content in a different form.

Schedule Your Posts

A good content plan is so much more than posting irrelevant content when you feel inspired. All high-traffic accounts make plans and schedule posts either manually or using third-party apps. The key is to be consistent and make a few Pins per day.

This might sound like a lot of work, but business owners all around the world are using this tactic to stay relevant and produce high-quality content.

Be Social

Pinterest might be a visual platform but you still need to look at it as a primarily social media platform. Why is this relevant? It can be for your organic search and overall success. 

You need to remain social on Pinterest and do a few things that will make your profile stand out:

  • Link your Pinterest to other social media accounts – This will not only increase your search volume but also add credibility to your brand. Make it easy for people to recognize you and find you on different search queries.
  • Collaborate with other Pinners – The competition on Pinterest might be fierce but you need to make friends and use every opportunity to promote your content. This will often mean collaboration on different public boards.
  • Follow other Pinners – Growing your network will often include adding people in the same niche and following their boards. This is a good way to be social and at the same time have a better insight into the competition and their SEO factors.

Track Performance

Real performance benchmarks are crucial for your future plans. Once you have your Pinterest business account, you will have access to all the amazing analytics tools and an accurate picture of your success on the platform.

The detailed insight will help you understand your audience better and as a result should improve the conversion rate, when you implement the changes. 

Increase Engagement

Every previous step in our guide has led to this goal, and that is to increase engagement. Once all the key factors are included, you need to take a closer look at your Pins and see if they are something active users will love, share and Pin.

It’s not enough to use the relevant keywords and add fresh content. You need to be interesting and engaging to make it on visual platforms like Pinterest. This will often mean a lot of work and dedication, but on the other hand, the results will be more than enough once your Pinterest account grows, and you have many followers.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest is here to stay, but it’s still considered an underrated platform that has so much potential. Now that you know all the hacks for Pinterest SEO, nothing is stopping you from creating that amazing content and increasing your visibility on all platforms as well as referral traffic.

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