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Since Pinterest’s inception in the late 2000s, Pinterest has been the go-to social media platform for brands and businesses who want to make a mark and be exposed to its target audience and markets. Pinterest owes its 444 million active monthly users to a simple, yet comprehensive interface that anybody will find very easy to use.

In the beginning, Pinterest content was just pictured ideas that Pinterest users could pin on corresponding boards they were creating and saving. Now, for everyone’s convenience and entertainment, Pinterest allows users to upload video content for the world to see and save on boards. This is especially attractive to brands because, with the ability to upload videos, there will be a stronger way to attract potential audiences to their products or services.

We all know that well-made, short videos are more eye-catching than plain pictures, as these short videos feature a product in a more obvious way. Won’t you just love it if you could have the power to upload videos to your Pinterest? Let us dive into the meat of the matter and learn how you, too, can upload videos to your Pinterest and attract more traffic to your brand.

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Why Add Videos to Your Pinterest?

The better question instead would be why shouldn’t you add videos to your Pinterest? As mentioned earlier, people are drawn to short videos rather than just plain pictures. Videos pique people’s interests in a way that pictures cannot.

Here is a list of more concrete reasons why your brand should add video posts to your brand’s Pinterest account:

Video Posts Always Provide More Information

Standard, static picture pins on interest can only do so much in highlighting your business’s product or service. A short video highlights everything you want your target market to know about you. This advantage will have you gain Pinterest followers quicker than ever.

Video Posts Have Greater CTR or Click-Through Rates

Studies show that video posts receive more CTR than just static picture posts. If you haven’t picked up the fact that vids are greater than just pics, then we are telling you straight up; vids > pics.
Originally, videos on Pinterest were posted on a “click to play” basis. This meant that the user had to click on a video or ad to view it. Now there’s a new feature called “autoplay” which allows videos to automatically play without any user clicks as soon as they scroll to the video.

Simply put, if the user doesn’t click on the video, they won’t see the company or product. Therefore, no impression has been made. Autoplay solves this problem by automatically playing videos without sound as they appear in users’ feeds. This ensures more profits and awareness of the brand or product.

Videos Show First on Mobile Browser Search Results

There is no reason you wouldn’t want this for your brand. We all tend to click on the first results that come up on our Google searches, don’t we? Do your brand service and create video posts on your Pinterest Business account.

Pinterest Videos Will Directly Help Your YouTube Channel’s Growth

Posting videos on your Pinterest that are short previews of your brand’s YouTube channel will compel people to click through and visit, like, and maybe subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can also use help from a reliable Pinterest growth service that will direct traffic to your pins and consequently to your YouTube videos. This can be a very helpful avenue, especially if you find it hard to get more views on YouTube.

Pinterest Users Are Now Able to Search for Videos on Pinterest

This new feature on Pinterest that enables users to search videos only will have your video posts more visible. This means Pinterest users will be searching for videos more than ever and if your brand does not have any videos for users to find, you are operating at a loss on the Pinterest platform.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Uploading Video Posts to Pinterest

Pinterest has always served as a brand’s gateway to its website, YouTube channel, or other social media platforms. Uploading videos is your brand’s next step in growing your Pinterest audience. So, read on and learn how to upload videos to Pinterest with this comprehensive guide:

1.  Log Into Your Pinterest Business Account.

If you don’t have a Business Account, create one.
Most brands have Pinterest Business accounts. If for some reason you are still on a personal account, it is about time you convert to being a Pinterest Business account because only business accounts are allowed the feature of posting videos – at least at the moment.  

 2.  Upload Your Video Post.

  1. Begin with clicking the “Create” button in the upper left corner of the screen so a drop-down menu appears. Click “Create Pin.”
  2. Select a video to upload by clicking on the upwards facing arrow to choose and upload a file.
  3. Pick a thumbnail. Pinterest will suggest to you a default thumbnail or you can have and select a custom thumbnail for your video.

3.  Optimize Your Video.

  1. Optimize your video with the title, captions, and keywords. 
  2. Include destination links as needed.

4. Choose Between Publish Immediately or Publish Your Pin at a Later Date. 

5. Click Publish.

Great Tips for Posting Videos on Pinterest

Knowing how to upload videos to your Pinterest is not enough to get the exposure results your brand wants. Understanding and implementing various techniques for creating engaging videos will make the difference between having a successful CTR and a video that gets little to no exposure at all.

We have compiled more than a few tips that will surely help you gain Pinterest followers for your brand and get traffic to your brand’s website, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

 Keep It Short and Sweet!

Think TikTok video kind of short. 10-20 seconds long. Videos this short do a good job in capturing the attention of Pinterest users and will have a more than good chance that they watch your video up to the end. If you have composed your Pinterest video well, then you will get users to see everything you want them to see.

10-20 seconds is the sweet spot that you should strive for, but if you must upload videos longer than this, make sure that your video content is engaging enough to be viewed by users through to the end. Edit down to the most important parts only to about 2 minutes of video length maximum.

If this is still not enough, treat your video as a preview to the more complete version you should upload to your official YouTube channel. Leave a YouTube link for your followers to click through. 

Your Brand Front and Center

Begin the video with your branding. Open the first 3 seconds with your logo, your motto, or any image that the viewer will immediately associate with your brand. A great Pinterest video will be put to waste if users don’t associate it with your brand. Never put your branding elements at the end of the video to avoid the risk of not being seen.

Use Pinterest to Direct traffic to Your Main Website and Other Social Media Platforms

Pinterest is mainly used by brands to direct traffic to their main business websites anyway, so why not take this a step further by funneling Pinterest users towards your other social media presences.

 Use the Proper Video Dimensions and Specs

Use these video dimensions and specs for all your Pinterest video posts to always be visually pleasing to your followers.

1.  Use the vertical or square orientation for your videos.

Vertical – 2:3, 9:16, 4:5 aspect ratios.

Square – 1:1 aspect ratios
Widescreen –  16.9 

2.  Video file formats:

  .mp4, .m4v, or .mov

3.  Maximum video size:


4.  Encoding for Pinterest videos:

H.264 and H.265

5.  Maximum video length:

15 minutes

Get in on the Video Posts Now!

This new availability of videos on Pinterest will be like a craze for Pinterest users. In a place where static pics were the norm for a very long time, the video post will be king!  Pinterest processes well over two billion search queries every month. That clearly indicates it is a social network that you can’t ignore, even if you don’t think your target audience is there.

According to recent data, 87 percent of users buy an item after they see it on Pinterest. It’s probably because consumers go all the way to purchase while on Pinterest. They are first inspired by a particular pin, and then they buy something as a result of that inspiration.

Don’t be left out and miss all the exposure your brand is supposed to get! Besides, we think that videos are here to stay on Pinterest, so now is just about the right time to learn and upload your own videos to your Pinterest account.

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