If you’re wondering how to post on Pinterest and all the ins and outs of this popular social media platform, then you’ve come to the right place. Pinterest is one of the most popular websites for sharing ideas about pretty much anything you can think of. 

From recipes to crafts, Pinterest gives every user a chance to share what they’re passionate about, whether that’s DIY bedroom decor or just something cool and new learned on a trip abroad.

This article will take you through all the steps from start to finish. In the end, you should be able to set up a great profile to grow your  Pinterest followers or brand awareness.

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How to Post on Pinterest on the Phone?

Follow these simple steps to Pinterest using your mobile phone:

Step One: Get the mobile app

If you are an Android user, you’d want to head over to the Google Play Store and download the Pinterest app onto your phone. If you’re an iPhone user, it’s not a problem. You just need to head over to the App Store and download the same – it’s free.

Step Two: Sign in/Sign up

If you already have a Pinterest account, then you don’t need to sign up again. But if it’s the first time you use the platform, then you will need to start off with a new account.

Just type in your email address and password and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. 

Make sure that your email address is valid, as this will be used to identify your activity on Pinterest when they review it and take action as per their approval policy.

Step Three: Create a pin

Once you have signed in, you’re ready to start pinning! If you wish to make a post, click the Plus button and choose the image. Also, click on Board to create a new board.

Step Four: Publish 

You can take a photo with your phone camera or select from your gallery (which is usually the case). 

Go ahead and give your Pin a title, description, alternative text, and website link. 

Next, select the Board you wish to publish, and voilà, your Pin is live! You can pin any of your things and whatnot. 

There’s really no limit to what you need to pin. However, you’d want to stay focused on your brand or business needs. 

How to Post on Pinterest on PC?

Wondering how to post a video or image on Pinterest from your PC?

 Follow these simple steps:

Step One: Launch your favorite browser

If you already have a Pinterest account, then you don’t need to sign up again. But if it’s the first time you use this social media platform, then you will need to start off with a new account. 

To create one, log on to www.pinterest.com and follow the on-screen instructions to get your free account.

Step Two: Upload image(s)

Pinterest allows you to upload multiple images/videos at a go. It isn’t mandatory that you upload a single image at a time. Go ahead and upload as many images as you wish to. It’s quite convenient!

Step Three: Add Title, description, etc.

Add a title to your Pin. You can also add details like description, alternative text, and website link. The more information you give Pinterest, the better it will be for your business or brand! 

Step Four: Pin & Share

You can pin anything on Pinterest – from recipes to crafts, travel ideas to recommendations, it’s all there for you. Head over to any page on the platform and click on the “Pin” button.

Remember, only users with a Pinterest business account are allowed to post video content (video Pins) on the platform.

What You Can Post to Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual platform that helps you organize and share things you love online. Anything you can pin on Pinterest, you can post. This ranges from recipes to crafts, from photos to videos, and even articles/tutorials. It’s a nice place to showcase all your stuff!

Boards are places where the things you’ve pinned are kept together. They’re collections of images, videos, and other stuff that interest you. 

You can create boards for different interests or themes, such as home improvement or photography.


The secret to growing your Pinterest followers is offering quality and original content coupled with consistency. Pin it, save it. Pin it again, and save it still. 

Interestingly, Pinterest has made it easy to find and share content to help reach your target audience.

Follow these guidelines, and your marketing strategy will be a resounding success at the end of the day!

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