How to Buy Pinterest Followers

Pinterest, the leading image-sharing platform, is a great spot to grow your business. But, if you want to sell more, you’ll need to increase your follower count. One of the trends that have been around for a while is buying followers. This article will explain how to buy Pinterest followers, talk about the pros, cons, alternatives, and whether it’s a good idea.  

Pinterest is an extremely popular social media platform with great potential for businesses. According to a recent Hootsuite report, advertisers on this platform can reach over 200 million potential customers. As Pinterest continues to grow, these numbers will also increase. It’s undeniable that a high follower count increases engagement, boosts sales, and makes you more popular. If you’re not convinced that buying is the right choice, keep reading.

How Can You Buy Pinterest Followers?

If you’re not sure how buying followers on Pinterest works, we’re here to help with an in-depth explanation.

There are numerous sites to buy Pinterest followers from, most of which will promise you the clouds and stars, but that’s not what you’ll get. Buying fake followers has more cons than pros; that’s why we want to educate you on what an organic growth service does. But first, let’s talk about sites that sell fake followers and will instantly boost your numbers.

There are so many options available when you start searching online. Is there a way to know which one will deliver low-quality and which one will deliver high-quality followers? If you do your research properly, you’ll know what to choose. Sites that don’t even mention organic followers and promise insane numbers without a targeted audience shouldn’t be on your radar.

Instead, focus on finding an organic Pinterest growth service that will put their knowledge and technology to work to find real people that will follow you. This might not be as fast and as big as fake accounts, but it’s going to last a very long time. Plus, real followers will engage with your content, increase your engagement rate, and buy your products.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Pinterest Followers

You can buy fake Pinterest followers, likes, and pins but is that the smart way to go? We’ll list the most important pros and cons of buying followers, and you can decide for yourself whether it’s something worth investing in.


Instant Growth

Are you just looking to boost your numbers without caring whether these will be real or fake followers? If so, the sites that sell followers offer precisely that. This is a temporary benefit, in most cases, because the fake followers usually unfollow after a few days. There is no way these sites can guarantee you that you’ll have high numbers for a long time. That only happens if your following is organic.

You Can Become More Popular

An unwritten rule is that popular accounts get more followers. You’re probably wondering, ‘How does this work?’ Well, if your numbers are high, people will consider you popular and relevant, so they’ll want to see what everybody else is seeing. It’s definitely not a long-term solution, but many people decide to do it.

Less Expensive Than A Good Marketing Strategy

A high-quality marketing strategy will cost you more than buying followers. Working with a professional who will build you a strategy based on research and knowledge doesn’t compare to getting fake followers. However, buying them is much easier, faster, more affordable, and it gives instant results. When people decide to buy followers, they rarely think about the cons of this method.


Not A Targeted Audience

Sites to buy Pinterest followers won’t deliver a targeted audience unless you opt for an actual organic Pinterest growth service. When you want to grow your Pinterest page it’s essential that you know your targeted audience. It makes selling and promoting much easier, plus it increases your chances of being seen. Unfortunately, sites that sell followers don’t attract a targeted audience because these aren’t real people.

Brands Might See Through It

If you’re interested in collaborating with brands and growing simultaneously on various platforms, you have to focus on real followers. You don’t want to be known as the person who buys followers. Also, if your real followers know that you bought fake ones just to boost your numbers, you can lose your credibility. It’s very easy to spot fake accounts, so you really have to think twice about whether buying from random sites is something you want to do.

No Sales

The goal of every business is to sell its products or services. If you know the basics of Pinterest marketing, you’ll know that fake accounts won’t boost your sales. Why would you invest in a site that brings you followers, but they don’t buy your products? On the other hand, organic followers will not only engage with your content but also purchase your products and services.

Not Permanent Numbers

The sudden increase in numbers is so satisfying to watch, but what happens when your numbers note a significant decline a day or two later? Bought fake followers are highly likely to unfollow you shortly after following you.

What Is The Difference Between High-Quality And Low-Quality Pinterest Followers

How can you recognize if someone’s followers are real or fake? There are a few signs that will point out to low-quality followers. We also wanted to talk more about the differences between the two groups before we continue to explain how you can increase your numbers without buying followers.

1. High-Quality Followers Are Real

You can easily differentiate high-quality from low-quality followers. High-quality followers are real people, real profiles with profile photos, pins, boards, followers, and their own audience. Most real followers focus on adding content to their bio, description, and you’ll immediately notice they put work into their account.

Low-quality followers have long names. In most cases, their names will be misspelled, and if they have the content it will also be low-quality. In general, fake followers don’t have any content posted, no comments, boards, or a profile photo. They follow a lot of people but rarely have any followers.

2. High-Quality Followers Are A Targeted Audience

A targeted audience is important for your business. Everyone has a niche, and you should focus on getting followers that are interested in that niche. You can’t sell things to people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling. For example, if you sell high-end art, you have to research which is the right audience, the age, gender, and more. An organic growth service will also focus on niche-specific, targeted groups that they get in touch with.

3. Low-Quality Followers Are Very Likely To Unfollow

As we mentioned before, you can’t expect low-quality followers to stay. The goal of these sites is to get your money, boost your numbers quickly and their job is done. Don’t expect these followers to stay or engage because they aren’t real. They don’t have followers, profile pictures, or content, so they won’t stick around. Sites that sell followers will only promise you instant growth, but they won’t let you know that these new followers will start unfollowing you.

4. Low-Quality Followers Don’t Engage Constantly

When you buy Pinterest followers, you’ll notice a boost in numbers right away. But, what happens after a week, or a month? If these followers don’t unfollow your Pinterest account, they won’t interact with your content. So, the best way to grow on this social network is to have higher engagement, and for that, you need followers that will like, comment, and repin.

What Are The Alternatives To Buying Pinterest Followers

Now that you know that high-quality, real followers are the ones who stay, you’re probably convinced that investing in fake followers is not a smart idea. But what else can you do instead, and what are the best alternatives?

1. Create Unique, Eye-Catching Boards

It’s needless to say that your Pinterest content should be engaging and high-quality. But, you should also focus on the overall appearance of each Pinterest board. You should find a theme that you like and work on the board, starting with the picture, the pins, description, and every other detail. Then, people will notice the work you’ve done and will love your content.

Remember to keep your audience and niche in mind. If you sell cakes, make it all about your product. There is no need to create boards about animals or clothes. Instead, you should focus on niche-specific content.

2. Engage With Your Audience

What most Pinterest users forget is that posting quality content will only do a part of the job. Engaging with your audience is equally essential if you want to be seen and notice social media growth. In other words, you have to give back the love by liking, commenting, repinning, and following. The more people see you present on the platform, the higher your chances are to grow your Pinterest.

When you give, you will also receive. Start by following other accounts that you like. Next, comment on pins. Commenting sounds like an irrelevant feature on Pinterest, but it can result in audience gain. It might not be as powerful as other tactics, but it definitely works. Don’t forget to repin and like as well.

3. Invest In An Organic Pinterest Growth Service

If you want to buy real Pinterest followers, you should opt for an organic growth service such as Pingrowth. Our goal is to boost your numbers by only attracting real people that will engage with your content and actually like what you pin. If you decide to work with us, you’ll be assigned a manager and a team that will focus on attracting users who are specific to your niche and are already proven to love similar content.

We’re not a service that sells fake Pinterest followers, but we deliver a real audience that is here to stay. There is no need to worry that your new followers will disappear after a day or two. What’s even better, we promise an estimated growth of around 5.000 followers each month. If you’re still not convinced, get our three-day free trial and go over the testimonials of happy customers.

4.  Cross-Promote

Cross-promoting on several different social media networks is a move that many influencers use. You can connect your Pinterest profile with other networks and use them all simultaneously to market your services or products. This will drive traffic from Pinterest to other platforms and vice versa. It’s an excellent way for your beloved fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to also join you on Pinterest. Remember not to overdo it because you don’t want to appear boring or aggressive.

5. Create Contributor Boards

Contributor boards are another underestimated tip that most people don’t even know about. These are boards that you can create, and you can add contributors. It’s a great way to bond with other users and increase your exposure.

You can add any follower, your friends, your family as collaborators, and both you and the rest of them will be able to add pins to the board. This board will also show up on other collaborators’ pages, so more and more people will see your Pinterest account. When other accounts follow the boards of your collaborators, they will also follow this board.


How to buy Pinterest followers? Is this a good idea? Well, if you invest in the proper service that will bring organic growth – yes. But investing in fake followers has more drawbacks than benefits, especially for businesses. Unfortunately, fake followers won’t put their money in your brand; they won’t buy your services or products. They are just a way to temporarily grow your numbers and show people that you’re popular.

Are there other ways to grow an account? Aside from an actual organic growth service, you should also focus on engaging with your audience, creating unique content, cross-promoting on various platforms, investing in a quality organic growth service, and creating contributor boards. Will all these ideas really help your numbers go up? Yes, you can combine all these tips, and you’ll see how much more engagement you’re getting.

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